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Ruskin Garden Square Progress


Just a quick progress picture tonight, folks! Enjoy!

Preparing for a Ruskin Lace (or Reticello) Cutout


If you’ve ever done any Hardanger embroidery, you’re familiar with the idea that cutwork areas need to be “hemmed” with little blocks of satin stitches called kloster blocks. The preparation of a cutwork area for Ruskin lace or reticello is a bit similar, except that it is padded first and that buttonhole stitch is used…

Four-Sided Stitches Complete!


At last. Here’s the reason why my last few posts have been a bit skimpy (as this one will be!). I’ve been plugging away at four-sided stitches on Ruskin Garden Square from Gay Ann Rogers for the better part of a week.  Who knew that such a simple stitch could take up so much time?…

A Stitch in Time: Reticello 1


Since I’m currently plodding away on lots of four-sided stitch on Ruskin Garden Square and don’t have much to share on that front, I hope you might be interested in one of my finished projects with a very similar type of needle lace. Reticello 1 was designed by Diane Clements and was featured as the…

Upcoming: A Bit of Ruskin Lace


Every year, Gay Ann Rogers holds a week-long sale of some of her patterns. Some are from her years of teaching, and this year, some were brand new. Gay Ann’s “E-Week” (as she calls it) was just a few short weeks ago. And despite the fact that I have many, many, many of her designs…

Planning a path in hardanger

When stitching filling stitches in hardanger embroidery, it’s very helpful to think through the order of stitching, or the path you’re going to take. I’ll walk through how I stitched the second end of my pastel hardanger piece (after I learned a few things with the first!). The first step is to cut out the…